Thursday, February 20, 2014

Leaving Mexico with One Less Maraca

I have some more great news to share:  I'll offiicially be in remission by the time I check out of the hospital and will be leaving my tumors here in Mexico!

Over the course of the past week, we've been talking to the doctors about the possibilty of having my mastectomy while I'm here.  They feel it's the most effective way to remove the cancer "load" posed by the tumors and then allow the various therapies I'm receiving while I'm here, coupled with my at home protocol, to clean up any remaining cancer cells.  In short, as soon as the tumors are removed, I'll be in remission, and I'll stay that way by continuing my at-home protocol, nutrition plan, supplements and healthy lifestyle.

I knew from the time of my diagnosis that surgery would happen at some point, so I'm frankly very happy to be doing it at this stage of the game.  I did not want radiation, which my conventional U.S. doctors were remcommending post-chemo and operation, and my doctors here agree radiation won't be necessary with their therapies.  I trust the surgeon completely, and all the research we've done confirms he's the best of the best in Mexico.  There are even cancer patients who come to him from the states because he's able to successfully perform complex surgeries their doctors can't.

The oncologist told me yesterday that based on what I'm reporting, we know the treatments are very likely already shrinking the tumors and reducing any inflammation, as well as cleaning up any unhealthy cells that may be floating around.  He and all of the doctors - including the surgeon and internist who examined me a couple of days ago - agree the surgery will be low risk and complication-free.  Once again, I thank God for my overall good health in making this all possible.

As for the details of the surgery itself, on Saturday they will do a single mastectomy and remove the first and second branches of my lymph nodes, leaving the third branch in tact, which prevents any risk of lymphodema or uncontrolled bleeding on that side.  The surgeon will put in a tissue expander that will be used in the reconstruction process, which we'll do at home since insurance will cover 100% of that process (I suppose that's the one benefit of maxing out your deductible in the first month of the year, though it's insane to me that they will cover not a dime toward my original mammogram because I'm not 40 and they don't consider it "preventive;" they will, however, pick up the entire bill for my new rack.  Bizarre, but I digress).  

The medical team is confident I'll have plenty of time to recover fully before we travel home, and I feel good about healing here under the care of the top-knotch doctors and nurses (and their readily available IV pain medication, if needed).  I'm frankly far more comfortable with the surgeon here than I was with the one I saw at home.  I know I am in the very best of hands.

It's refreshing to know that when I turn 36 next week here at Angeles, it will be minus those pesky tumors and that I will be on my way to a new start and a lifetime of cancer-free living.   My healing journey here in Mexcico has been nothing short of incredible, so I'm more than happy to leave those unhealthy cells behind.  I may be down one original maraca when I get home, but I know the band will be even stronger.  I'll just start auditions for its replacement soon. 

In the meatime, I can daydream about the new rack the universe has apparently decided I should have.  Happy birthday to me!


Anonymous said...

Perhaps went just a bit too far with that last line there, dear.

Maxine Studmire said...

Oh happy day! That is wonderful news. Yes, a positive attitude and a good outlook are great like a medicine. Lots of prayers have gone up, and are still going up for you. Enjoy your life, your baby, your husband and your family. May God continue to bless you, and Happy Birthday!

Camille Ruane said...

Great to hear all is going well! Sounds like you are in an amazing place.

Jason said...

Great to hear more good news! Good luck with your surgery, I know your in good hands. We will continue to send our prayers and positive energy your way.

Marcy said...

This is fantastic! We'll continue to send good thoughts and prayers your way as you take the next steps in your treatment journey. So glad you are getting positive results! xoxo

Anonymous said...


Thoughts and prayers continue to be with you and Dave every moment of every day. Keep walking with purpose my dear friend. You are fabulous and absolutely will rock the new rack. I love you.


Anonymous said...

Great news!! Keep kicking butt down there and we are keeping you in our every thoughts and prayers! xoxo Karen

Kels said...

Thanks, everyone! I appreciate all of your love and support.

Anonymous said...

Kelly keep rockin our thoughts and prayers are with Dave and you !!! God Bless. Jen and Chris

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