Friday, February 7, 2014

My Warrior Specs

You may recall the part of my story where I credited my amazing (and merciless) personal trainer Karen for my early detection. It was she who designed the punishing workout with the insane push ups (seriously, Karen, what was with those?!) that left me sore for so long that I got nervous and started obsessively checking my girls for a problem.  Fast forward a few weeks and here I am with a couple of lumps, some confused cells and plans to go South of the Border to have them escorted out of my body.  

Well, as if Karen wasn't already awesome enough, she surprised me after this morning's cardio yoga class with a little care package including these beauties. I am so in love. 

She tells me they'll be great for when I have visitors and don't have time to put on makeup, but I'm thinking I may wear them the whole time.  I wonder what the Mexican doctors will think about my choice of accessories.

Regardless of the reception I get, they are my sassy kick cancer in the you-know-what specs and I intend to rock them. 

Bon voyage!

(By the way, that puny weight is Karen's idea of a "travel and recovery weight."  If only she'd let us use something so light in one of her real workouts!)

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