Monday, February 17, 2014

Pac Man and Gummy Bears

Today was my third round of IPT, the low-dose, targeted chemo.  Once again, there were no side effects, just what's become the familiar woozy and warm feeling of low blood sugar induced by the insulin that quickly abates once my sugar levels return to normal.

During the treatment, the oncologist, Dr. Donato Perez - with whom I've been joking that the absence of nausea is 50% his expertise and cutting-edge treatment and 50% my sheer stubborness - asked whether I'd noticed any changes in my breast tissue.  In fact, I told him what I had relayed to the attending doctor on Friday: That the inflammation seems greatly reduced and the tumors feel a bit softer and smaller.  In fact, I now have a hard time finding the smaller mass at all.

When I informed the oncologist of this, he smiled and said, "Great news, our partnership is working.  If your tumors start to feel softer, like gummy bears, and are less tender or the overall inflammation is going down, it's a sign that you're feeling the success of the treatment already."  

While I'd originally wondered whether I had perhaps been reading too much into changes I no doubt have been wanting to find, Dr. Perez assured me that the combined treatments can very well have such an effect at this stage.  I can't tell you how gratifying it is to feel progress after just one week, knowing there are still a number of amazing healing treatments ahead.

As I type this, I'm hooked up to an IV of high dose Vitamin C, noted for its cancer-fighting properties and I'm picturing my t-cells as happy little Pac Men systematically gobbling up all of the funky cells.  Chomp, chomp, little buddies!  Go get 'em.


Anonymous said...

Encouraging news, Kelly! I'm thinking of you and cheering for you every day! -- Jody (P.s. I'm not actually trying to be "anonymous," I just clearly can't figure out what I'm supposed to select for "comment as," so that's what I pick! LOL)

Rebecca said...

Fantastic update! How amazing is it that the treatments are working so quickly? So glad to hear this news! Take care! Love, Rebecca & family

Jason said...

Great news! I know your Pac Man will chomp up all those funky cells. I hope you get to enjoy some of the warm weather there. We had another snow storm last night and got 10" here.

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