Thursday, February 6, 2014

Tiny Sparkles of Healing Light

When I go to my "happy place," I'm so often drawn to Puerto Rico, where memories of basking on the island's beautiful beaches, hiking in the clouds of the El Yunke rainforest and sipping pina coladas bring back feelings of calm and joy.

One of the most incredible experiences we had during our visits to Puerto Rico was kayaking in one of its two bioluminscent bays, where the water glows in the dark.  In this amazingly balanced ecosystem live tiny organisms called dinoflagellates, oceanic plankton that generate a glow when the water is physically disturbed (think microscopic aquatic fireflies).  In your kayak you navigate a watery maze of mangrove trees in the dark of night (the best time to witness the "phosphorescence of the sea").  Eventually the narrow mangrove opens up to this beautiful, wide-open and tranquil bay, where you spend time swirling your oars around, filled with awe as you create glowing ribbons in the water.  It's the kind of place where you can't question that God put such beauty on earth as a gift to His children.

While people can no longer swim in the bay due to the danger posed to the dinoflagellates by the chemicals in our sunscreen, lotions and cosmetics, lately I've been imagining myself floating in the warm water of the bay.  I'm surrounded by tiny sparkles of healing light twinkling as my white cells wash the confused cells away.

It's not hard to imagine that my body is like the dinoflagellates, which need a pure, clean environment to thrive.  I know I am doing great things for my immune system by eliminating the toxins from my food, water and household and beauty products.  I'm focused on the fact that I'm playing an active role in my health and healing and am confident we've found the right team of experts to give my tiny healing sparkles what they need to return my own ecosystem to its purest, healthiest form.

As we get ready to leave for Mexico this weekend, we are excited to begin this journey to complete wellness.  Many thanks to each of our loved ones who have stepped in with offers of support while we're away and to those who are sending us positive, healing energy.  Where I would normally have anxiety about leaving Charlie to spend three weeks in a hospital, instead I feel calm and centered.  I know this is thanks to your prayers and good vibes, and for that I am immensely grateful.

We will post periodic updates on our stay at Angeles Hospital on this blog (you can sign up for email alerts using the button on the right navigation) and will have WiFi access, so we should be able to email and Skype.  We will also use Facetime for iPhone users and the free smartphone app Viber, which you can find on iTunes and Google Play.

Love, light and tiny sparkles to you all!

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