Wednesday, December 17, 2014

New Cells, Fresh Lobster and A Day at the Beach

Puerto Nuevo, Mexico

Tomorrow is the last day of my booster treatment program, and while we've been enjoying ourselves and making the most of the relaxation, we are very ready to come home.  We miss our little guy like crazy!

However, while we're here, we've committed ourselves to taking advantage of the opportunity to rest, read and sleep in.  Seriously, I feel like a college kid again, only this time there's actually some guilt at the decadence of sleeping in until 7 a.m. (it doesn't sound too bad until you note that it would 10 a.m. our normal time) and lounging about for good portions of the day.

Over the weekend, we checked out some local sights.  On Saturday, a driver took us to a nearby seaside town called Puerto Nuevo known for its lobster.  There were about 25 little restaurants clustered in the five street "town" that all (aggressively) market their lobster.  There were also a plethora of little shops selling souvenirs.  I was lured in by promises of "practically free" jewelry at each stop, while Dave was offered tequila shots made by the owner's "grandfather."  Literally, each of the shop keepers said his grandfather made the tequila.  Either everyone was related or they were scamming us.  Probably a little of both.

After sampling the local wares, we scarfed down a lovely meal of lobster "Puerto Nuevo style" with homemade tortillas, rice, beans and guacamole at a restaurant overlooking the Pacific ocean.  It was beautiful and filled my soul to bursting with the sight of the waves crashing, the smell of the salt in the air and the sun on my face.  God is indeed watching over us.

Sunday brunch at a yummy local restaurant in Tijuana

My treatments have all been going well.  This week I had another round of systemic ozone and transdermal ozone therapy.  The systemic ozone is introduced through my blood via the catheter and is quick and painless.  

The transdermal ozone is the turtle shell sauna, and yep, I still hate it.  I could happily lay on the beach or poolside in 90+ degree weather for hours on end, but for some reason, I can barely tolerate 10 minutes in the 90-degree sauna.  I think I made it all of five minutes this time.  Fortunately, the doctor says that because the procedure's main purpose is detox, I can achieve the same effect through exercise, which is much more fun for me and easier to maintain at home anyway.

Today I'll get my dendritic cells and tomorrow my T-cells, both harvested last week and supercharged in the lab.  As a refresher, the dendritic cells are fused with any floating tumor antigens from my blood (coaxed out by the hyperthermia I had last week, which causes cell apoptosis via heating the blood to high temps).  When re-introduced, the dendritic cells act as the generals of the immune cell army, telling the soldier T cells what the enemy looks like (i.e. anything that looks like the tumor antigen) so they can surround and neutralize it. 

The human body is truly incredible, is it not?

Hooray for my fabulous immune cell army!

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