Thursday, September 24, 2015

A Welcome Letter to My New Set

As I head into reconstruction surgery tomorrow, I feel compelled to write a welcome missive to my new girls to set the stage for their arrival and let them know what they’re getting themselves into by joining my team.  This is admittedly a pretty weird thing to do, but hey, you’re talking to a girl who wrote a break up letter to her boob, so it stands to reason that the replacement pair should get fanfare of their own.

Of all of my surgeries, I am of course most excited about this one, as it represents the payoff for a lot of the not-so-fun parts of this journey.  While I’ve been very cool with the process and have long since adjusted to living “uneven," it will be nice to once again have a matching set and put the major pieces of reconstruction past me.  

Frankly, I’m ready to part ways with the expander, which I guess could be considered my “rebound” boob in relationship terms.  It served its purpose and made me feel whole again, but I knew from the beginning that we weren’t meant to be together for the long haul.  It’s time to move onto a more permanent and fulfilling relationship.

I’m confident the procedure will go well and plan to give my body all the recovery time it needs to regroup, which at this point is looking like two weeks off work and about six total to resume most of my usual activities (lifting, reaching, working out, etc.).  I know my strong, powerful body will heal beautifully and I’ll give it everything it needs to be successful.  Most importantly, I am immensely grateful for my continued great health and have every intention of staying that way.  

As with each step in this adventure, so much of my wellness is a credit to the love, prayers and support of family and friends.  We’ve once again been humbled by the outpouring of offers of love and help for this next surgery.  You people are so incredibly beautiful and we are truly blessed.

So, without further ado, here’s my little orientation letter to my new rack:

Well hello there, you fabulous girls.  Welcome!  Welcome home and welcome to the team!  You are simply awesome.  

I’ve been waiting to meet you for quite a while and I couldn’t be more excited to make your acquaintance.  On behalf of every cell in this healthy, happy, vibrant body of mine, let me just say we are thrilled to have you. You're just the perfect fit.

I recognize there may be a little “adjustment period” while we get settled, as is the case in any new relationship, but I know we’ll be in perfect sync in no time.  Frankly, you’re coming into this relationship at just the perfect time - I’ve never been in a better physical or mental place and your presence serves as an uplifting addition (pun intended) to the overall state of affairs.

For my part, I’m committed to making this relationship work and to giving you all of the support (hee hee) you might need.  And in return, I know you’ll uphold your part of the bargain.

So, on that note, let’s get this party started.  Here’s to a long and happy partnership!


Anonymous said...

So funny...can't wait to meet your new "girls"! They will be a beautiful addition to an already beautiful person. Love you and many prayers...Aunt D

Eddie said...

Best of luck Kelly. You are true winner!

My name is Eddie Ng and I came across your posts and your inspiring story while doing additional research on the therapies that my father are already receiving at Hospital Angeles.

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