Friday, September 4, 2009

Is the feral cat to blame?

How exactly do you know whether your cat has fleas?

The past week or so, I noticed a few ugly red bug bites on my calves and ankles. At first I figured it was the new razor I was test driving, but then it occurred to me that they actually itch.

And our cat keeps sneaking out on stealth missions. It doesn't seem to matter how hard we try to keep her in, she always finds a way to shoot past as I'm struggling in with my hands full or Dave's letting the dog out (Unlike my hubby, I have so far outwitted her when it comes to this task, as I either close the door to the back room or employ a rather complex move involving kicking the air behind me as I stretch to attach the dog to her run so the cat can't streak out the open door. Ahem...Dave, perhaps you should try one of my methods).

So that leaves me with strange bug bites on my lower legs and a cat who keeps sneaking out. Did either of us remember to apply her flea medicine last month? I know we gave it to the dog, but whether Kooks sat still long enough for us to apply it is not exactly ringing a bell. I do know we gave it to her yesterday, and it took two of us to wrangle her.

While I worry I may be a hilljack if I'm forced to admit to having fleas in my house, I suppose I ought to get myself out on the ol' Intraweb to do some research on the critters. And believe me, if I have to add "flea bag" to the list of transgressions our feral feline has committed recently, the burrito farm is definitely in her future!

If any of you animal lovers out there can offer any advice (or words of solace) on fleas, please do share.

Post Script: I should add that Dave hasn't gotten any of these bites. I have no choice but to take this as further proof that the cat is out to get me. It's personal, Kooks, and! It is so on...

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