Monday, July 27, 2009

Own It!

If you're going to be "That Guy," then you'd better be ready to own it.

Dave and I finally made it back to Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio's Rollercoast, this past weekend, and we were delighted at the spectacular people watching it once again delivered. For those of you who have experienced it, you know that while the coasters are record-breaking, the beach is beautiful and the 360 degree views are panoramic, Cedar Point has another, much more lofty, credit to it's name: It's always a mecca for the fashion backward, including people decked out in matching couple outfits, fanny packs and big 80s hair. Chances are, that's one of the reasons you enjoy going. In fact, Dave and I are so enamored with the fashion displays at CP that we dressed as a Cedar Point couple a few Halloweens ago. Let me just tell you that had we worn our costumes last weekend, we probably wouldn't have gotten so much as a raised eyebrow. How awesome is that?

This year's fashion theme was dominated largely by extreme short shorts, though we did see our fair share of fanny packs, man tanks and even a banana clip or two. But two of our most memorable outfit sightings were actually ensembles we admired. Yes, we were shocked as well.

The first was a guy wearing a "Callahan Auto" tee shirt. The other was a fella whose shirt sported the words, "More Cowbell." As we are obsessed with the movie Tommy Boy and pretty much all things Will Ferrell, both shirts got us a little excited. OK, so the Tommy Boy obsession is more my thing, but Dave knew he had to hop on that train if he was going to marry me. And he has lived up to my - high - expectations ever since. (For the uninitiated, Callahan Auto is the fictional Sandusky, OH auto parts company from Tommy Boy, and "More Cowbell" is from the infamous Will Ferrell/Christopher Walken SNL sketch. If you haven't seen Tommy Boy, RENT IT! If you've never experienced the cowbell, GOOGLE SEARCH IT NOW! You won't regret either decision.)

While I was pleasantly surprised to see such ingenuity - and surprisingly appropriate humor - in Cedar Point garb, I was shocked by the complete disparity in the reactions of the two fellas wearing the shirts.

When we approached the guy in the Callahan Auto shirt (we just HAD to know where he got it, as we're co-hosting a Tommy Boy theme party and were eyeing that sucker up as a possible prop), he was gracious and didn't seem particularly put out by our enthusiasm. I should note, though, that it was somewhat obvious we were the first people ever to actually stalk him over his tee shirt. But I'm sure he was flattered. Who wouldn't be?

Well, I'll tell you who wouldn't be! On the exact other end of the spectrum was the reaction we received from the guy wearing the Cowbell tee. As we passed him, I excitedly demonstrated my enthusiasm for his cult tee shirt choice by giving him a little "More Cowbell!" whoop, and pumping my fist in the air. It would be an understatement to say he didn't not react with the expected affirmation. In fact, the dude looked at me like I'd threatened him with bodily harm from a grapefruit spoon! So herein lies my point: If you're going to be That Guy wearing the tee shirt, YOU'D BETTER OWN IT! You do no justice to the shirt, the comic geniuses that spawned its existence, or the loyal (and cultish) audience said comic genius has amassed. You really should be ashamed of yourself.

Because That Guy was so clearly not one with his inner funny, I have to assume someone gave him the cowbell guy that shirt. Chances are he was not even aware of what it meant.

Sigh. It's such a tragedy when good humor is wasted on the humorless.

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what a douche nozzle!

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